We owe a debt of gratitude to the people that selflessly continuously contribute to the building of this project.

John Cervantes

John spent a decade in creating companies, investing in real estate (residential & commercial) in US and overseas, manufacturing and investing in retail, supply chain and logistics. He left business for a career in teaching tennis by coming to the industry with no skills except a passion for learning the game. John was director of tennis for Western Athletic Club for 16 years changing the focus in establishing tennis facilities, operated one of the largest private tennis schools for 20 years and is currently involved in marrying tennis and education for economically disadvantaged children in the San Francisco Bay Area. He latest venture was in creation of GoInspireGo a non-profit to engage people in volunteering.

Bill Alling

William Alling

Bill Alling is co-founder of Luminoptics (precursor to LUMEnergi Inc. - and served as CEO and President until 2008. He was an active participant in ANSI standards and served as President of the Diablo Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society. Prior to that, Bill was a Vice President at Universal Manufacturing Corporation, and consulting Vice President and Marketing Director and one of the founders of Motorola Lighting (now Siemens/OSRAM/Sylvania) helping Motorola capture a 22% U.S. market share of the electronic ballast market in less than 5 years. In the 1990s Bill was responsible for the design and production of “The Smart Clapper”. In the 80s he was Executive Vice President of Electronics Ballast Technology (EBT) now part of Philips (Advance Transformer). Earlier he was employed as an electronic engineer for Bendix Radio and for ACF Industries a part of Singer Simulation Systems and also worked for Bill Lear at LearAvia in aircraft and helicopter operations. Bill started his career in the USAirForce and worked in England, Turkey and Greece for the US government and Bendix. He has extensive manufacturing experience in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Carl Buccheit

Carl Buchheit

Carl is NLP Marin's co-founder and has been involved in NLP for over 25 years. He is one of the finest practitioners of NLP in the world, and quite possibly the busiest. At the beginning of his career Carl trained with Leslie Cameron-Bandler, the co-developer of NLP who was acknowledged for having added heart to the newly evolving technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Carl's main early influence was the mentoring of Jonathan Rice, PhD, a clinical psychologist who was the first to include the methods, techniques, and tools of NLP within a larger professional perspective. Carl continues to learn, integrate and evolve the practice of NLP.

Michelle Masters

Michelle Masters

Michelle is a trainer with NLP Marin and holds her public practice of NLP in Sonoma County. We are honored to have her input as she is immensely talented in the field of NLP. She is brilliant, warm, sensitive and has a down-to-earth way of bringing NLP to life for anyone, while supporting a safe and nurturing environment for everyone.

Geil Browning

Geil Browning

Geil is the CEO & Owner of Emergenetics® International and The Browning Group International, Inc. Dr. Browning’s lifelong passion of learning led her to study brain dominance and later to develop the Emergenetics® and STEP® profiles. Dr. Browning received her doctorate from the University of Nebraska, where she was an adjunct associate professor, and has completed post-doctoral studies at Harvard University. She currently contributes her writing to Inc. Magazine.

Arthur Gillman

Arthur is the president of Delphi Consultative Surveys & Research (International) Ltd. Delphi undertakes contract research for selected clients in North America and abroad. He taught Econometrics and Research Methodology for the faculty of Graduate Studies & Research at the University of Manitoba. He is the founding director of the Manitoba Bureau of Statistics (Chief Statistician of Manitoba).

Hi! My name is Tracy and I've got a problem!

I've been obsessed with people's behavior since I was a kid. I always wanted to know why people did the stuff they did.

These days I find it hard to talk directly to someone because they're so busy doing all this email and texting stuff. No one has time to talk on the phone, never mind face-to-face! This minimized version of communication leaves most (92%!) of the meaning of our communication made up by our own brains! IE: 92% of your communications gets lost in translation because we use email instead of phone or face-to-face communication.

Because we interact so remotely we are so deprived of human contact and we are loosing our ability to socialize normally with others. In other words, we can't figure each other out!

My obsession is good news for you, because over the years, I've created a couple of tricks for figuring out who people really are underneath their cyber cover no matter what they say. I built it into this nifty online prototype application for you to play around with. Insert any text from 60 to 500 words and your email to find out more about yourself or someone emailing you. When you press the "analyze" button you will automatically receive a great peek into someone else's brain (or your own) and be provided with some handy tools in predicting their behavior.

I've been a behavioral profiler for years and you'll never believe what I can tell you about a person from just the way they write. Imagine this; You'll actually be able to know something more about the the person you are emailing, chatting with or SMSing with. And, it's totally free. By providing your email I will let you know when the program changes to measuring a different behavior and when other products are available.

The profile form is up there, just a few pixels away. Go ahead. Spice up your communication with some intell. I'll never tell you did it. (Wink!)

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